Connected hives help measure biodiversity !


Discover how by measuring bee health and activity thanks to connected hives. We support beekeepers, farmers, and land managers in making decisions to better foster biodiversity.

Discover our products to promote precision beekeeping.

What do we offer?

Discover connected hive solutions that the BeeGuard team researches and develops daily for our primary lines of products.


Bees suffer from multiple stressors, including a lack of biodiversity, climate change, pollutants, and poor sanitation.
Through automatic remote monitoring thanks to a connected hive, modern beekeepers can make more informed decisions by staying in sync with their bees’ activity and needs. This is called precision beekeeping.


How to measure the impact of our actions on biodiversity? Our original and innovative solution is to rely on bees as bioindicators.
Analyze their activity, their health, their behaviors thanks to connected hives and then generate automatically and continuously robust indicators of the quality of the environment to allow you to guide, improve and enhance your agricultural and landscape actions.

Our philosophy

Behind the connected hive technologies we deploy, one simple ambition motivates everything we do: to be useful.
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To provide the knowledge that will be the basis
of solutions that will respond to one of
humanity’s biggest challenges :
the collapse of biodiversity.

Christian LUBAT, co-founder

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Connected hives


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For every need, there’s a solution.

Beekeepers work with bees in different ways, and BeeGuard
connected hive solutions fit those needs—whether it’s producing honey, performing environmental characterization, or assessing pollination service.

Connected hives: the decision support tool for beekeepers

Protect your hives. Detect honey flow and feeding needs remotely. Evaluate local conditions to best decide when to intervene.
Our solutions to connect your hives are modular and scalable.
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Environmental biomonitoring

Our biomonitoring solutions allow you to directly measure the impact of your actions to promote biodiversity, pollination, and the environment.
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Biomonitoring of the environment

This service enables farmers, businesses or regions to generate environmental impact indicators for pollinators.
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Biomonitoring of pollination

Arboriculture, seed selection and production, and market gardening all require control over pollination. To go further than counting hives for a production area. To have the necessary and sufficient pollinator population and understand the impact on variations in production, we need objective measurements. Bee biomonitoring is the answer to this need to measure the pollination service.

They put their trust in us

Our customers have been using beehives connected with BeeGuard for years. They testify of their benefits.

Beekeepers in Gironde, we had been suffering from hive thefts on one of our sites for 10 years.
Then, one Sunday morning around 9:30, alerts from the hive locks had clearly indicated a move. Thanks to the BeeGuard app, we were able to clearly identify the location of the stolen hives and pass that information along to authorities.
The police proceeded to the location indicated by the anti-theft tags and informed us that they had both found our hives and identified the thief. The next day, in their presence, we were able to recover the stolen hives as well as material from previous thefts. The thief was fined and ordered to pay material and economic damages.


Professional beekeeper

Thanks to our bees and BeeGuard connected hives, measuring the benefit of our agroecological actions represents a first return on investment of this approach. In our sector—apple and pear production— the decimated pollinator population is one of our greatest challenges.
Creating biodiversity corresponds with our convictions and our values. As opposed to greenwashing, we prove what we’re doing right, and we make meaningful, tangible progress.


Producer and innovation manager at MYLORD

A yearslong user of BeeGuard connected hives BeeGuard (GPS and hive scales), I am very
satisfied with the equipment and also with the simplicity of the apiary monitoring app.

Jacques ALLAIN

Professional beekeeper

As citizens and producers, we have a societal responsibility to help reduce global warming and end the rapid fall in biodiversity. Our operation must constantly evolve and develop practices to reduce the environmental impact of our vineyards. To that end, we need to base our decisions on real measurements. Otherwise, we’re just shooting in the dark.
We stopped using herbicides for 12 years and switched to biocontrol for 90% of the phytosanitary treatment. We applied the BeeFriendly® standard to part of our estate. Our vineyards analyze bee activity via the connected beehives and the BeeGuard biomonitoring equipment.


Bernard Magrez Vineyards

I equip each of my apiaries with connected hives—climate changes in recent years have given me a good reason to. Thanks to BeeGuard, I’ve been able to both save colonies that were about to die of hunger and limit my traveling for when the honey’s not flowing properly—especially for my most remote apiaries. Actually, I’ve been able to increase my harvest by moving more quickly to areas of actual production.
With the increase in fuel costs, we may not be able to move more, but we’ll sure know how to move smarter.


Professional beekeeper

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