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BeeGuard is dedicated software for serious beekeepers. It has been designed with and for beekeepers, to meet the specific needs of beekeeping and honey production, guiding and helping them better manage their entire beekeeping operation.

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BeeGuard application hive management

The annual subscription gives you access to BeeGuard's digital beekeeping software service, which includes: farm management by creating locations, apiaries and hives, integrated management of equipment and associated measurements at equipment, hive, apiary and location level. Data from sensors such as the weather, changes in hive weight, anti-theft alerts, etc. appear in the dashboards.

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BeeGuard hive management application

Subscribing to our beekeeping software doesn’t require you to use the sensors. In this scenario, beekeepers still have all the functions of management of the locations of the apiaries as well as the
data gathered from visits to supplement the breeding register. The addition of sensors such as hive scales, anti-theft devices, hive thermometers, and weather stations is completely transparent. An
annual license per transmitter / per apiary is required to integrate the data automatically.
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Apiary and site management

The apiary management application allows beekeepers to define a digital twin of their operation throughout the beekeeping season. It’s then easier to make virtual visits or to prepare their own physical visits.

This beekeeping software manages every aspect: locations (populated with apiaries or not), the active apiaries on the locations, the hives composing the apiaries, but also the stocks of hives or in the honey house and much more. To facilitate navigation in this digital twin, several views are offered depending on what the beekeeper wants to control or enter.

The map view of the application allows beekeepers to conduct a virtual tour of the information entered or measured—just as one would do in the field, but without moving. The map view allows to work in more detail on a particular location, the hive view allows beekeepers entering data for each hive to work on the homogeneity of an apiary or to prepare precisely the next actions to be carried out during the visit on site.

For professional beekeepers with many apiaries, the table view is a navigation mode of the productive beekeeping software. This view allows to make personalized configurations of the display according to his criteria—groupings that are sufficient and necessary.

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Data management

BeeGuard beekeeping software allows beekeepers to manage sensors and data useful for precision beekeeping: hive scale, brood thermometer, weather station but also GPS hive anti-theft.

The beekeeper simply associates his sensors with hives. Thanks to his or her bee farm’s digital twin, the data remains automatically visible and associated with apiaries and their locations. The application allows a consultation of the data in a real-time/short-term logic as well as long-term feedback.

For short-term use, beekeepers study patterns of bee activity for interventions, follow-up of honey flows, the transhumance strategy. All the data from different sensors are available in the same dashboard of the application by apiary.

To benefit from feedback, the beekeeping software allows users to aggregate data over any chosen period—even several years. This data can vary by location to measure the long-term evolution or by apiary to study the transhumance routes.

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Visit management

The hive management application integrates a module for entering visits to fill in the breeding register in digital version. The benefit for beekeepers is being able to organize future interventions at each apiary at the right moment—to meet any needs but also the elements of the previous visits which are displayed in the dashboards of the hive management software.

Tracking data over time, according to best beekeeping practices and with the additional agility of the app, the beekeeper can choose to enter information via multiple methods. The global method allows beekeepers to copy what is usually found on the beekeeping notebooks: an action or an observation applied to an entire apiary.

The fast hive method allows beekeepers to find the diversity of the apiary, since the app records each hive in a fast way by copying on the spot the marks left on the roofs: two seconds per hive are enough. Finally, the most accurate but also the longest method of entry: by unit identification.

Features of the apiary management application

Whatever the size of the beekeeping operation, the number of hives, the beekeeping practices—fixed or transhumant, conventional or organic—the beekeeper must at the very least fill in the breeding register. The BeeGuard beekeeping software allows beekeepers to keep a digital version of the breeding register and to go even further in the technical management of his beekeeping operation.
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Management of all locations and apiaries

The beekeeping software allows you to create and manage all your locations. Click on the desired location on the map in the apiary management app and define it. This location will be populated with an apiary upon installation or during transhumance. All apiary locations are displayed on the map by default, but you can also display other locations. The apiary maps enable access to the dashboards of the apiary management software, where you can visualize both the data of visits and connected hives.

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Monitoring and analysis of data from hive scales, thermometer, and weather station

An apiary equipped with hives connected to scales, such as a weather station and even the hive locks, will generate data automatically. The data will be dispatched automatically to the corresponding apiary records by the apiary management software according to the configuration made by the beekeeper. Data analysis will then be possible in the application by location: to study a place; by apiary: to study a transhumance route—even by hive for beekeepers who want to work on the selection.

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Easily record all hive moves, harvests, and visits.

BeeGuard beekeeping software has been optimized to facilitate traceability of key operations like transhumance, harvesting, evaluation visits, and other activity. A click in the apiary visible in the application allows to define a transhumance of the apiary from one location to another: the hives eventually identified, the sensors are automatically migrated, and the apiary table updated. Placement of supers, queen color, brood evaluations, beekeeping care and health tests are all recorded by recording the visit. Harvests have a specific section that allow users to associate recovery of all or part of the supers along with flower type and an evaluation of the filling rate.

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Your data is your property

We know the importance and the value of the data recorded in beekeeping software. We also recognize that it represents a major part of your business, with sensitive performance data in relation to locations and breeding techniques. There’s no compromise, no approximation in the management of the property of the data BeeGuard’s apiary management software records. Your data is your property, and we never sell nor offer it to any third party. BeeGuard support and maintenance teams have access to your data to assist you and to improve the service, but that's it! You keep control of where your information goes since controlling does not prevent sharing. If you wish, we can provide access some of your data to a colleague, union, research program, or partner. While this is possible, it’s always subject to your consent. All these rights are manageable and revocable right from the hive management application, or for some research programs, via a simple request to BeeGuard support.



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Annual subscription allowing access to the BeeGuard digital beekeeping software service. Manage all your operation by tracking each location, apiary, and hive.

Integrated management of devices and associated measurements at the device, hive, apiary, and location levels.

Sensor data such as weather, hive weight variation, anti-theft alerts, etc., appear in synthetic dashboards for each apiary for a short term 7- or a 30-day view. The user can configure and visualize any data, over the period he wants in an adapted view.

All data can be exported in Excel or csv format. The data is saved without time limit as long as the subscription is active. The user has three navigation modes for his farm: the apiary maps, the map view, and a table view when there are many simultaneously active apiaries.

For all the apiaries, the beekeeper can record the reports of every action and visit, including: transhumance, colony evaluations, queen colors, brood frames, and care and sanitary tests (Varroa and VP100 bee...), feeding, harvest, etc...

With each visit, the beekeeper chooses the level of precision and effort needed, whether it’s recording only visit dates, application of simultaneous actions to the totality of the apiary, quick individual site management, or bee distribution by apiary.

Support available live


In case of difficulty in using the apiary management software, you can use the "Contact us" form from the application menu. Our team will respond quickly. In case of emergency, you can also reach us by phone.

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9- 12am and 2-5pm (France time zone)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

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Better equip your apiary

anti-vol de ruche, traceur gps

GPS anti-theft trackers for beehives

€200 (excl. tax)

+ €36.00/year (application)

The GPS anti-theft tracker and brood thermometer and hygrometer is installed directly on a frame in the hive. The GPS transmitter can be installed in a different hive than the one equipped with the connected hive scale.

anti-vol de ruche, traceur gps, balance de ruche

Package : Anti-theft tracking device + Connected scale

€490 excl. taxes

+ €36.00/year (application)

This pack allows you to equip a hive with the connected hive scale function, the GPS hive anti-theft function and the brood thermometer/hygrometer function.

station météo et balance de ruche

Packing : Scale + Weather station

€526 (excl. taxes)

+ €36.00/year (application)

This combo allows you to equip a hive with the connected scale as well as the sophisticated weather station.

station météo connectée

Connected weather station

€236 (excl taxes)

+ €36.00/year (application)

Our weather station for beehives allows beekeepers to understand the behavior of the environment around the colony. In fact, this environment has a direct impact on honey production, because some flowering depends on temperature or rainfall.

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