Decision support tools for beekeepers

In short, Beeguard is

The hive connected ... to the realities of the field!

  • A system easy to install
  • Professional and industrialized equipment
  • Support is provided by the company that designs and manufactures its own products
  • Without maintenance during the season
  • Wireless, and no modification of your hives
  • Modular and scalable to fit your current and future needs
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Offer in PurchaseFrom :199€ HT
Subscription of 3 € HT per month, per transmitter
No additional subscription for scales
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All inclusive rental offerFrom :€ 9.50 / month
36-month contract (new appliances for each renewal)
Subscription and replacement of batteries included
Permanent guarantee
All possible pack variants
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Easy to install

In, under or near your hives.
Without modifying, drilling or replacing hives.
Compatible with all sizes and hive shapes.
Lightweight sensors easy to transhume.
Hive scale connected available in pallet version.

Hive protection GPS
100% wireless
Wireless equipment

To avoid hanging cables with feet and avoid damage by rodents.
Not to cut cables by weeding.
Autonomy energy for the entire season, reduces hidden maintenance costs.


Protect your hives with the GPS lock. Present in a hive, it follows the hive during transhumance but also in case of hive flight. This is not a simple alert. It allows to find your hive and avoids the loss of exploitation.
Easy to hide in the hive, it becomes invisible.
The sensor of movement can alert you of an inappropriate visit but also a reversal of beehives during climatic events or by local fauna.
Data from other sensors are also geolocated.

Mutli-platform application
International operation

Our products work at no extra cost in almost every country in the world
If you are a frontier worker or if you work in more than one country, continuity of service is ensured
By a virtual operator operation, the network coverage is maximized because we can indifferently use the network of one or the other of the operators of mobile telephony


One transmitter per apiary = one subscription regardless of the number of scales
No configuration on site or on the devices
Auto-detection of sensors on the apiary
Choose and upgrade your connected hive facilities according to your needs and your means

Scalable system

Station météo connectée

Rainfall, temperature, hygrometry and atmospheric pressure

We propose really local measures of the weather context that your bees live. This will allow you to remotely evaluate whether the change in activity is due to the colony, the nectariferous capacity of the site or the weather
The connected weather station allows to evaluate the rainfall , temperature, hygrometry and atmospheric pressure
Independent in transmission, the connected weather station is an alternative transmission relay to the GPS anti-theft for other sensors such as hive scales

Antivol GPS pour ruche

Upon detection of the characteristic movement of a hive flight, you are alerted by SMS.
Travel routes are available and archived on the application
The location of the breakpoint you allows to involve the authorities, recover your hives and not suffer the loss of exploitation
As a bonus, the system measures the internal temperature of the hive, which allows you to check the phases of breeding and stopping the laying of the queen
Autonomous in transmission the GPS hive antitheft device will be able to use its communication capacities to retrieve information from connected scales placed under the other hives and transmit them to the BeeGuard internet application without additional cost

Motion alert and device location

Hive scale connected

Weight and temperature curves

Weigh the hive every hour (24 hours a day, 7 days a week): detect the honeydew, the need for nourishment, the dynamics of the colonies

The analysis of the history of the measurements of weight makes it possible to describe and compare locations, years, practices, transhumance routes
Our connected hive scale is a small and lightweight material, so it's easy to install and transhumid
Works with a typical transmitter GPS hive anti-theft or connected weather station, so no specific subscription. We can therefore add scales under other hives to have countermeasures

Digital beekeeping records

Save, trace your transhumance, your feeding, your sanitary treatments, the installation of your rises, the follow-up of your queens at the frequency that you wish.

Digital beekeeping records
Your data belongs to you !
Your data belongs to you!

All measurements can be exported from date to date to a file of spreadsheet type
The traceability of the interventions will enable you to carry out reports evaluations, health, harvest ...
To create freely access permissions to your locations and your apiaries for your friends or colleagues. By mastering the actions they can do.