Web application

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Digital breeding register

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Manage all your locations

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Visualization of your data, export and sharing

GPS anti-theftGPS anti-theft
Weighing scaleWeighing scale
Weather stationWeather station
Web applicationWeb application
Web application

Digital beekeeping records

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Works on PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone with all recent browsers. Automatic data or data are and remain your property, they are freely exportable, they are never transmitted to third parties unless you request it. Multi users with rights adjustment of each by location or globality, to share in a controlled way his data. No option, no history limit in time in number of apiaries.

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New in 2019. Integration of the breeding register. Multi location. Migration function to record migratory routes. Feeding. Sanitary treatment, varroa tests.

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Records of visits with three possibles modes : globally on the apiary, hive per hive, with or without identification of hives. Supers management. Crop management.


Digital beekeeping registry

Annual subscription :

36 € HT / year

Management of all your locations, apiaries and hives

3 levels of visit report for more ease

Migratory management

Traceability of crops, food, health care